Cayman Cookout 1.jpg

Cayman Cookout - Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman Island

Truly one of the Caribbean's premier culinary events. Leading chefs such as Eric Ripert, Jose Andres and Anthony Bourdain invite attendees to join them as they explore the fascinating world of island flavors. And yes, there will be rum!

St Moritz Festival 1.jpg

St Mortiz Gourmet Festival - St Moritz, Switerland

What do you do when you're not skiing at St Mortiz? You attend this  memorable festival and enjoy meals prepared by Wolfgang Puck, Yoshihiro Takahashi, Tim Raue, Christian Scharrer, Andree Kothe, Mauro Colagreco, Yoann Conte and Moshik Roth - all at the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Baines. From Gourmet Safaris to the Grand Finale Dinner, here is cuisine equal to the beauty of the surroundings.

Coupe de Monde de la Patisserie 1.jpg

Coupe de Monde de la Patisserie - Lyon, France

If a chef can win at this competition, then he or she is among the very best in the world when it comes to all things sweet. Each year teams from around the world gather to compete in three categories: pastry, sugar sculpture and ice carving. There's fame to win and often dreams to be shattered. Yet each year every competing chef hopes their creation will astound the judges and launch a new culinary star.


Iceland Food and Fun Festival 2.jpg

Iceland Food and Fun Festival - Reykjavik, Iceland

Here is a festival that offers a full itinerary of fun as well as tempting cuisine. During the day steaming spas and mountain hikes are waiting for the eager while 15 internationally famous chefs prepare dinner using local ingredients  in Reykjavik's leading restaurants. After dinner, the city's world-famous nightlife awaits. And that's just the first day!  

Paris Cookbook Fair 4b.jpg

Gourmand Book Fairs - Beijing and Paris

If you love cooking, then quality cookbooks are part of your life (and still, thankfully, a thriving part of the publishing world). And there is absolutely no better place to encounter the very best thann at the Gourmand Book Fair now held in both Beijing AND Paris. Now that's true internationalism.

South Beach Wine and Food Festival 3.jpg

South Beach Wine and Food Festival - Miami FL, USA

Sponsored by the Food & Wine Channel, this mega festival offers late night parties, intimate dinners, grand tastings, for-the-trade-only events and even activities for children - all overseen by a galaxy of TV culinary personalities.


Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 1b.jpg

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival - Melbourne, Australia

For this truly world-class gathering Down Under, Melbourne pulls out all the stops with one stunning event after another. Regional culinary weekends are matched with Master Classes taught by some of the world's best chefs. There are chef and winery dinners. But the event that no one wants to miss is dining at the world's longest lunch table in Alexandra Park. 

Savour Food Festival Singapore 1.jpg

Savour - Singapore, China

Four days of East-Meets-West classes and dining opportunities with some of the world's best culinary masters. Those attending can learn about fine wines, the secret life of oysters, the mysteries of a Spanish paella and how to make friends with a good cognac. 

Taste of the Beach, Outer Banks NC 2b.jpg

Taste of the Beach - Outer Banks NC, USA

Brace yourself for fantastic fun and fabulous food on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Beaches and barbecues start the fun as skilled chefs share the secrets for award-winning grilled meats and the reasons to try cooking coastal - Carolina style. Regional brew masters will explain how beer saved the world and why Carolina's wines are a true, but little known,  American treasure.


Austin Food and Wine Festival 2.jpg

Austin Food and Wine Festival - Austin TX, USA

They do things big in Texas and this famous Austin festival proves it. Over 50 chefs participate in a tour de force of America cuisine demonstrating the full range of the nation's culinary heritage. It's all here from Hispanic to German to Japanese to, well, innovative. And so is the music and the fun! Truly this is a 'capital' event not to be missed.

World Gourmet Summit, Singapore, China 1.jpg

World Gourmet Summit - Singapore, China

Truly a world culinary summit in every sense of the word, this event brings a Michelin-starred group of executive chefs to Singapore to discuss topics ranging from fusion cuisine to contemporary concepts of food photography. Its ten days of what's best in the culinary world.

Worlds of Flavor, Napa 1.jpg

Worlds of Flavor - Napa CA, USA

Professional chefs are always looking towards the future and the developing trends they see coming. The Worlds of Flavor Conference is one place where they seek them out.  Here the new emerging menu of the world is explored from ancient India to modern Turkey. Both technique and innovation are mutually explored in this insightful state-of-the-art gathering. 


Good Food and Wine Show, Cape Town South Africa 4.jpg

Good Food and Wine Show - Cape Town, South Africa

Cuisine isn't just about food. It's alsoabout lifestyle and this conference demonstrates that philosophy. In addition to master classes by leading South African chefs, the topics being presented also include the joy of fresh air dining and the evolution of modern tableware. From the first tablecloth to the final course, dining is about the life we choose.

Memphis in May Barbecue Festival 3c.jpg

Memphis in May Barbecue Festival - Memphis TN, USA

Memphis goes whole-hog when this grand and glorious festival comes to town to celebrate all things barbecue. After all the pork and beef are grilled to perfection, the master judges will have the very hard task of choosing the champion pit master of them all.

Selma Raisin Festival 1.jpg

Selma Raisin Festival - Selma CA, USA

If you're going to celebrate all that raisins can be (snacks, bread, even wine), why not do it in Selma, the "Raisin Capital of the World". And each year that's just what thousands do each year at this product-focused fair. Started in 1980, bakers, wine-makers and growers gather together to celebrate the skills that transform a grape into a raisin.


Taste of Amsterdam 2.jpg

Taste of Amsterdam - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In you want a taste of heaven, then travel to Amsterdam and enjoy this stellar event. Chefs for the nation's leading restaurants share their signature dishes while wine and taste theaters explain how it's all done. Cooking Clubs offer attendees an opportunity to work directly with chefs. Nearby is the Festival's famed Farmers' Market.

Food and Wine Classic Aspen 4.jpg

Food and Wine Classic - Aspen CO, USA

One of America's premier culinary weekends featuring such famous chefs as Michael Symon, Jacques Pépin, José Andrés, Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons and as well as over 50 other talented culinary professionals. Set in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, this is an event that many wait for all year long - and it is well worth the wait. Enjoy this feast (just be sure to bring your sunglasses)!

Arcata Bay Oyster Festival 2.jpg

Arcata Bay Oyster Festival - Arcata Bay CA, USA

Seventy percent of the oysters consumed in America are harvested near Arcata Bay by just five companies. Each year for over twenty-three years their resulting bounty of Pacific and Kumomoto oysters are roasted, barbecued, fried or served with secret sauces to the waiting hungry (and cheering) crowds. Endless oysters - it doesn't get any better than this!


International Mango Festival 1.JPG

International Mango Festival - Coral Gables FL, USA

Each year for twenty-one years fruit experts from around the world gather at this unique conference to discuss just one thing - the marvelous mango. Together they compare and contrast  hundreds of varieties from around the world as well as attend scientific lectures, enjoy fresh fruit smoothies and chef-led culinary demonstrations. 

International Pinot Noir Celebration 4.jpg

International Pinot Noir Celebration - McMinnville OR, USA

 Located in the rolling hills of Oregon's wine country, this event is nothing short of being a gala celebration of all thing Pinot Noir. In short, it's all about wine - there are endless walk-about tastings and winery tours matched with memorable chef created meals and a Native American tradition style salmon bake as well. 

626 Night Market 5.jpg

626 Night Market - Arcadia CA, USA

Over 160 vendors make this once-a-year Asian heritage market a true cultural experience complete with food, fun and flare. Savory skewers of beef, lamb, shrimp and squid are enjoyed by attendees as they stroll among talented dancers and singers and the impressive prancing dragons. Style and spice are all here lingering long into a very special night of flavor.


Maine Lobster Festival 1.jpg

Maine Lobster Festival - Rockland ME, USA

It's all things seafood at the Maine Lobster Festival. Once King Neptune and his seaworthy court have arrived, the culinary treats began to be served: Lobster, of course, but also steamed clams, crab cakes, fisherman platters, shore dinners, fried shrimp, haddock and calamari. There is endless music from major bands as well as tours of the local Coast Guard Station. Finally there is the crowning of the local Goddess from the Sea. It's a great five days of claws and awe!

Garlic Festival, Isle of Wright 3.jpg

Garlic Festival - Newchurch, Isle of Wright

Once off the mainland ferry from England, you've arrived at the magical Isle of Wright, known otherwise as the home of one of the world's great garlic festivals. There are cooking demonstrations by garlic-loving chefs as well as shared recipes and unique applications. Mixed in is a never-ending stream of traditional and popular music as well as heirloom beers, archery contests and fun for all the family. Once you've attended, you'll never look at garlic the same way again.

La Tomatina, Valencia 1.jpg

La Tomatina - Valencia, Spain

It all began in 1945 when disgruntled townspeople threw tomatoes at their city councilmen during a parade. And though banned by the dictator Franco as just too much freedom of expression during his reign of terror, after his death it was quickly reclaimed as a national tradition. Today the world joyfully gathers there for the world's greatest food fight, all thanks to truck loads of ripe red tomatoes. 


Galway Oyster Festival 2.jpg

Galway Oyster Festival - Galway, Ireland

Galway's Harbor is the site of the world's oldest oyster festival which began in 1954 when 34 oyster-loving individuals gathered to shuck the shelled wonder. Today over 22,000 eager diners crowd the same area to shuck, enjoy and drink stout and champagne - not a bad way to spend the day!

Mistura, Lima 1.jpg

Mistura - Lima, Peru

In Spanish the word "mistura" means "mixture". As Latin America's largest culinary festival, this conference offers an opportunity to explore the diversity and richness of Hispanic cuisine. Chefs Gaston Acurio and Mauro Colagreco lead the way as culinary professionals are invited to discover an expanded world of salsa and maiz and so much more. This is the Latin world of food at its passionate best.

Wurstmarkt Festival 5.jpg

Wurstmarkt Festival - Bad Dirkheim, Germany

This is the oldest food festival in Germany. For over 570 years lovers of fine food and wine and more wine have gathered here to celebrate fellowship and fun. One hundred and fifty different wines are served in large wine halls and smaller schulkarchler stands. Nearby are served some of Germany's finest regional foods.


Oktoberfest, Munich 2b.jpg

Oktoberfest - Munich, Germany

Hundreds of tables are set out and the barrels are rolled in. Once the Major taps the first kegs, the grandfather of all beer festivals begins - Oktoberfest in Munich. Lovely ladies in traditional German dirndl dresses carry stein after stein to thirsty guests all in giant beer 'garden' tents. Yaya! Yaya!

San Sebastian Gastronomika Spain 1.jpg

San Sebastian Gastronmika - Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain

This legendary conference is located in a Spanish city whose chefs hold a total of 16 Michelin stars - could there be any better location? Over 12,500 culinary professionals attend this grand gathering of the very best in the culinary world. Discover one of the best annual culinary festivals.

Truffle Festival Italy 1.jpg

Truffle Festival - Piedmontese, Italy

Nineteen different Italian towns come together to celebrate the highly esteemed Italian truffle. And while there are humorous donkey races and lavish medieval street pageantry, truffle white and black are definitely the true stars of multiple weekend celebrations. Here one can savor a true culinary luxury in rare abundance.


Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival Grenada 3.jpg

Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival - Grenada

As the cold winds begin to blow in northern cities, there's no better festival to attend than one offering warming rum. Flights of rum and distillery sampling are readily available as are rum cakes and other island treats. There is even a rum cocktail competition followed by a traditional island hog roast. What a wonderful way to stay warm while those to the North shovel snow!

Festival Gourmet Internacional Puerta Vallarta 2.jpg

Festival Gourmet Internacional - Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

For ten glorious days Puerta Vallarta plays host to some of the world's leading chefs, who create for a select number of guests unforgettable dinners matched to legendary wines. Final fireworks equal the many flavors of the conference.

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival 3.jpg

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival - Kona HI, USA

Hawaii's famous volcanic island coffee is highlighted at this culinary event. Attendees can tour coffee farms and mills as well as watch bean picking contests, bag label art shows and participate in taste cuppings. Ah, Kona Coffee!


Bracebridge Dinner 6.jpg

Bracebridge Dinner - Yosemite National Park CA, USA

Based on a story by the American author Washington Irving and adapted by the then young photographer Ansel Adams, this winter holiday extravaganza is so popular tickets are issued only by lottery. Since 1927 Squire and Lady Bracebridge have welcomed all to feast on fun and joy.

Christkindlesmarkt, Nürnberg 1.jpg

Christkindlemarkt - Nuremberg, Germany 

Easily the world's most famous Christmas Market, this holiday festival is filled with the smells of roasted almonds, Nuremberg bratwurst and sweet gingerbread, all enjoyed with mulled wine and rum punch. Now that's Christmas!

Spices of the Caribbean 1.jpg

Spices of the Caribbean Festival - Soufriere, St Lucia

Located at the elegant Jade Mountain Resort, leading regional chefs explore the culinary diversity of such local spices as nutmrg, ginger, vanilla and cloves to mention only a few of the Caribbean's wonders - all under the excellent direction of Executive Chef Allen Susser. The festival includes a 'spiced' rum party, but of course. Additionally there are beach and kitchen based cooking classes as well as a grand final banquet.