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How Wine Became Modern

Beginning in November 2010 and continuing until April 17, 2011, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is hosting an innovative exhibition that explores how the blending of modern design and classic wines has altered contemporary culture.

Entitled “How Wine Became Modern: Design + Wine 1976 to Now, this outstanding exhibition is the first to evaluate the new world of wine as part of an expanding worldwide cultural experience.

Henry Urbach is the special Museum Curator of Architecture and Design and he is truly the moving force behind the insightful creation of this must-see show. 

Urbach recently shared that, "The story begins in 1976, the year of the now-famous Judgement of Paris. There, in a blind taste test, nine French wine experts pronounced a number of northern California wines superior to esteemed French vintages."

"However apt the decision, later criticized and repeatedly restaged, the event released shock waves across the globe as it gave the nascent California wine industry, as well as winemakers in many other parts of the world, new confidence, credibility, and visibility.” 

“This, in turn, had multiple effects including the expansion of wine markets, growing popular awareness of wine, the birth of wine criticism, vineyard tourism, and a host of other manifestations."

"From this moment forward, the culture of wine began to accommodate and valorize new priorities such as innovation, diversification, globalization, marketing, and accessibility."

This very special exhibition combines original artifacts such as actual architectural models and historical photographs with works of art, many specially commissioned, as well as an array of multimedia presentations and even the actual scents of wine.  

Strolling through the galleries visitors can explore the historical ‘Judgment of Paris’, the concept of terroir, today's very modern world of wine, the impact of architecture on wineries, the role of wine label design and brand marketing, innovative glassware, and contemporary trends in vineyard tourism.

If you are anywhere near beautiful San Francisco and you love wine, this remarkable exhibition is well worth a visit.  Just be prepared to feel an urge to head north to Napa after you see the exhibit – you’ll be an oh so modern winer drinker (and now you’ll know why).

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Posted on January 5, 2011 and filed under Wine.