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Have You Ever Worked at the Grand Budapest Hotel?

As everyone in the Industry knows, there is the imaged world of hospitality and then there is the real, everyday world that encompasses our work. There is the front of the House, and then, well, there is the back of the House. 

Now there is a new movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, that takes both worlds to humorous extremes. Written and directed by Wes Anderson, who also made the critically acclaimed, Moonrise Kingdom, this creative movie offers viewers, literally, a new perspective on both humor and film.

The film centers around the adventures of Gustave H (Ralph Fiennes), the legendary concierge at this imagery but still world famous European hotel between World Wars I and II. Accompanying him is Zero Moustafa, his assistant lobby boy, who becomes his most trusted friend and ally. 

With a cast of international stars elite enough to frighten even the most experienced front desk, this delightful film is a joy to see, starting in March 2014. It's a perfect work-break film when you need to laugh at all that can (or could) happen in a single hotel.

That said, there is only one remaining question to ask: Have you ever felt that you worked at The Grand Budapest Hotel?

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