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Peanut Butter Goes High Fashion Thanks to Diana Vreeland

Peanut butter is generally thought of as ideal for children’s school sandwiches or as a key ingredient in after school snack cookies.

Actually peanut butter was first savored in 1890 when a St Louis doctor thought a high protein peanut paste would be a nutritious treat for his elderly patients with poor teeth.

By the turn of the century Dr. George Washington Carver had identified over 300 uses for the humble peanut, including a much improved peanut butter spread.

In 1908 the Krema Products Company in Columbus, Ohio produced the first commercial peanut butter, followed in 1928 by Swift & Company (a company that later became Peter Pan).

But least you think all peanut butter is restricted to primary school lunches or the home cookie jar, a new documentary, entitled The Eye Has to Travel, has revealed that Vogue’s legendary editor Diana Vreeland’s favorite daily lunch in her elegant red New York office was, yes, you guessed it – a peanut butter sandwich!

But a peanut butter sandwich with flair. The peanut butter had to have enough flavor to prompt Vreeland to declare that peanut butter was the best invention since Christianity.

Her sandwich bread had to be equally unique - cut from a freshly baked loaf of whole wheat bread. Vreeland disliked bland commercial white bread so much she was known to remark that it would make better glue than bread.

Last but not least, she regularly finished off her peanut butter sandwich with a tablespoon of her favorite marmalade jam, made from Spanish oranges.  

Being a powerful arbiter of fashion, her lunch time beverage of choice was a long shot of memorable scotch. Wow! – definitely not for Johnny or Mary at school, but so elegantly Vreeland: a healthy, classy peanut butter sandwich with Highland scotch! (No wonder she defined style as the editor of Vogue for over 30 years and later as the esteemed director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute!)

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