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Great Dad Day Gifts for Chef Dads

Father's Day is fast approaching and that makes it time to ask "What the best gift for a Chef Dad?"

Well have no fear - here are fifteen great gifts for that busy professional whose also a devoted dad who needs to be honored and appreciated on Father's Day (and all year long). 

Handpresso Portable Expresso Machine: An incredible new device that lets the lucky Dad make expresso anywhere at anytime at work or at play.

PolyScience's Smoking Gun: A great new kitchen tool that enables the Chef Dad to smoke meats as well as cheese and salad greens inside without the use of an outdoor grill.  Way to go Super Dad!

Ceiva Digital Picture Frame: This is the perfect oh-so modern updated version of the framed family picture that every loving Dad has on his desk - but with a great twist. Thanks to digital technology the loving Dad can now easily transfer pictures from his iphone or computer to this frame. The images can be viewed in a still or slideshow format.      

Taylor Digital Measuring Cup & Scale: European or Stateside measurements? Weight or ounces? Measuring cup or scale? Now the Chef Dad can easily have both with the very useful Taylor combination cup-scale. Any recipe can now easily be used AND enjoyed! 

Vacu Vin Instant Marinator: This is an ideal time and flavor saver for the Chef Dad whose days involve long hours. Simply put the meat and marinade in the container and remove the air with the attachable vacuum pump. The resulting effect is one that opens the meat's pores deeper, quicker and so enables the marinate to enter faster and deeper. The flavor (and ease) is something Dad will enjoy all year long.  

Niki Segnit's The Flavor Theasurus: Subtitled "A Compendium of Pairings, Recipes and Ideas for the Creative Cook", this remarkable book is a great idea-generator for the Chef Dad who enjoys the new and the creative. It's a must-have for any Chef Dad's library.

Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Boards: As they say, safe is better then sorry. And that's as true at home as in the professional kitchen. Joseph Joseph (yes, that is the real design firm's name) has crafted the solution to the problem of cross-contamination while preparing food - just use the correct index cutting board. What a great idea AND gift! 

The Big Green Egg: Nothing cooks like the Big Green Egg. Originally imported from Japan, it now sports a space age finish and wealth of amazing accessories that will enable the Chef Dad to do just about any form of cooking outside. And the flavor - unmatchable. (P.S. - be sure to check out the public Egg cookouts in your area.  They're 'egg-citing' events for the whole family! 

Berti Knives with Individualized Magnetized Insieme Wooden Blocks: Technology is great, but let's not forget the value (and resulting skill) that tradition honors. Berti Knives, crafted by Italian masters for over a hundred years, are a perfect example of why the best often comes with a legacy of craft and tradition. These are elegant knives, beloved by many major chefs. and each has an individual wooden holder that easily snaps to the next holder's magnetized side. Now that's a great design that works!    

Teroforma Whiskey Rocks: Many a Chef Dad enjoys a glass of premiere whiskey or scotch on the rocks at the end of a long day. But as the beverage chills, the ice melts and that expensive whiskey is slow but surely getting deluted. Now there's an answer - whiskey rocks!  Just chill, add and enjoy - now that's a great idea (and gift)!   

Aeropress Coffee Maker: A traditional cup of joe can be a mess to make what with a hot pot, messy coffee grounds and lots of leftover wasted brew. But have no fear, science (or rather a thoughtful scientist) has an answer: the easy to use Aeropress Cofee Maker. Simply measure the small amount of coffee neede for a single cup, add water and press the plunger down. The result is a cup of gourmet coffee that any Chef Dad will cheer. 

Cuisipro Ice Cream Scoop & Stack Scoop: There are those Chef Dads who love a dessert but were not, well, ever cut out to be a pastry chef. Yet they love a sweet at the end of the day (or evening). Ice cream's a perfect solution but why not make it more than a melting mess in a bowl. With Cuisipro's Scoop and Stack, it's easy to cut picture-perfect circles. Just drizzle with syrup and life's great no matter the hour or the day.      

Bamboo Bowls from MOMA: Tableware has become a statement of style these days as evidenced by the fact that many museum gift shops sell it as a kitchen collectable. Some of the loveliest bowls are those available from the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City. Their bowls are stunning, support sustainablity and make an unforgettable Dad's Day Gift.  

SodaStream Soda Maker: Want a soda at the end of the day but suddenly find that you're out? No Chef Dad will ever have that problem if he has a Soda Stream.  Just add water to the bottle, charge the liquid, remove and then add a favorite soda syrup (or leave plain). The flavor's outstanding and resulting beverage costs only pennies to make. Fantastic bargain all year long and there're no endless supply of empty soda bottles for the busy Chef Dad to drag out to the recycling bend! Hurray for easier days!

Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers: Cooking on skewers is great fun but often a tiesome task if the rods are too long or stiff to comfortably fit on the grill or in the pan. Fire Wire solves this problem for any Chef Dad who enjoys this cooking method. Just load the flexible wires with meats and vegetables then loop and bend to easily fit the cooking surface. This a gift that will get appreciate all year long - just as every Chef Dad should be!

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