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Korean Air Force Parody Offers Humor to Snow Bound Chefs

The record setting winter storm Nemo has dumped heavy snow from Washington DC to Maine. Thousands of homes and business are still without power. Hundreds of planes are only now getting airborne again.

Equally affected have been the region's countless restaurants. Many are still unable to open due to stranded staff, power blackouts and delayed deliveries.

But have no fear, for as the East Coast digs out from tons of late season snow, the gentlemen of the South Korean Air Force have created a stunning parody of the musical Les Miserables entitled "Les Militaribles".

Here too the stuggle is with too much snow but 'moved' with such talent even Broadway (snow or no snow) will have to say, "Bravo - Well Done Gentlemen!".  This outstanding parody is proof once again that "Spring will come" and that thankfully true talent is universal!

 Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2013