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The Future Will be Transparent

Technology is moving the present rapidly into the future. From films to the Internet, medium after medium is joining with others to create a richer, more integrated experience.  Kitchens (and chefs) once were invisible to diners, a mystery behind sheltering white walls and stainless steel counters.

Today these once solid walls and gleaming counters are becoming more and more transparent, which if addressed creatively, can be a marvelous thing. Just consider the wonder of "A Day Made of Glass" as envisioned by Corning:

Transparency, whether crafted of glass or dots per inch (dpi), can widen our the world and remind us all that in this modern era  we are all connected to the past, the present and especially to the future and to each other.

Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2012     

Complete Story Matters When It Comes to Success in the Hospitality Industry

Today’s customer requires far more than a dated features-and-benefits approach when it comes to securing their repeat loyalty.

We now live in a world of transparency where a depth of tradition matters as much as contemporary innovation. Indeed, one empowers the other, blending the strengthening heritage of the past with the thrill of the new.

Successful chefs, such as Guy Savoy, are well aware of the motivating power of an enriched story. Indeed, they take this expanded legacy of service and style with them as travel. As a result, today the hospitality industry reaches far beyond the kitchen into the everyday experience of diners.

British Airways has also embraced the value of the enhanced story in their new marketing campaign. It provides an excellent sample of blending the past with the present while looking to the better future.

Today’s leading chefs increasing use this model to expand their success while they embrace the growing professional responsibly of their enhanced visibility as expressed at the 2nd Summit of the International Advisory Board of the Basque Culinary Center hosted in Lima, Peru this year.

 Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2011