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Shackleton's Whisky Reborn at Last!

If whisky were only a science than Whyte & Mackay must be truly the masters of the medium as they have brought Ernest Shackleton's recently rediscovered 100 year old Arctic whisky alive again. Congratulations!

After carefully airlifting three precious bottles from New Zealand, Richard Paterson and his staff slowly removed samples of the whisky from each bottle using the latest scientific tools. Special attention was given to avoiding any contamination of this rare whisky. 

Each sample drawn was then analyzed for it's unique makeup, marking out the chemical contents of the whiskey. Eventually an entire scientific paper would be creating sharing the results.  

But as every lover of the 'fine spirit' knows, whisky is far more than science - it's an art that captures place and character within a flavor as memorable as courage itself. And here is where the legendary million dollar nose of Richard Paterson easily replaces all the computers and tubes of any laboratory.

The result is his amazing flavor profile for Shackleton's whisky for the brave. It is a truly remarkable blend, now recreated by Whyte & Mackay for us all.  An Amazing Rediscovery! Many, many thanks to Richard for his great skill and effort to save the true taste of a whisky that sure to be treasured for another hundred years!

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