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Fortnum & Mason Gets Ready to Set Christmas Holiday Decorating Trends

Thanksgiving is only a few days away which means that the Christmas season will soon be upon us. But have no fear - Fortnum & Mason is near.

For whether you live in London (lucky you!) or anywhere else, London's legendary store is close at hand, thanks to the Internet and the international post and, of course, the original founders William Fortnum and Hugh Mason. 

From candles and tea to the Scotch Eggs (which they invented), everyone every where, who enjoy the best, love the robin blue boxes that have been a hallmark of style for over 300 years.

Among those who have relied on Fortnum & Mason for the best in gourmet delights are Queen Victoria, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra - even explorers on Mt. Everest and weary soldiers in distant battle zones. 

And this year Fortnum & Mason has created holiday treats that will be equally treasured.

From traditional English Christmas crackers (the pull apart type) to elegant tree trimmings, Fortnum's has it all and this year they are celebrating all things London.

And why not - London has just completed a wonderful year that's includes the Queen's Diamond Jubilee AND the stunning Summer Olympics! Congratulations to all in London on a job well done!

Post Note, November 16, 2012: As the Lord Mayor of London says, " No one does Christmas like Fortnum's." And just to prove his point, here is the open of Fortnum's 2012 Holiday window displays...

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