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Amish Rocket Science Ice Cream Is a Truly Great American Dessert

Sometimes when you combine tradition with innovation, the result can remind us all about the true nature of insightful creativity.

One such example is the Rocket Science Ice Cream Company located in rural Nappanee, Indiana.

Situated in the heart of Amish country, the store’s welcoming male and female staff wears long beards and longer dresses.

And why not? They are Amish, members of a devoted religious community that emigrated from Switzerland to the United States during the early 1700’s seeking religious freedom.

Known for their purposeful life choices, the Amish choose to step back from many of the tools that set the pace of modern life, such as cars, phones, faxes, fashion – even electricity. They feel such intrusions come at the cost of community, family life and personal peace.

As a result, many Amish men and women work (and own) businesses that focus on adding sincere value to life be it in the form of well-made furniture or quality food products.

Rocket Science Ice Cream follows in this latter tradition BUT with a twist. Their ice cream is made from the finest fresh ingredients BUT frozen right before the purchaser’s eye using liquid nitrogen, set to 320 degrees below zero.

Least you think this constitutes a revolt against Amish principles, nitrogen is a natural ingredient and is purchased in tanks by the Amish – no electricity required.

The result is outstanding, the products used are local and so is the employment. And there are NO PLANS to franchise or build a Dairy-Queen sized empire. That’s not the Amish way.

If at this point, you are curious to learn more about the unique and value-driven business practices of the Amish, consider reading - Success Made Simple: An Inside Look at Why Amish Businesses Thrive

And thrive they do. While many Amish farmers and business owners arrive to work by a horse-drawn buggy or on bike, their businesses rarely fail!

Surprised? Don’t be. The Amish deeply believe in staying small enough to maintain quality, keeping a low overhead, treating both employees and customers with kindness and practicing ethical frugality.

What chef wouldn’t agree with that – especially when the ice cream produced is, pardon the pun, simply out of this world! 

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