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Why Recycling at Your Hotel Truly Matters

Why recycle? It's a simple question but one seldom asked. Recycling takes time and effort. Because of the resulting changes in schedules and additional duties, it may seem yet another burden in an already very busy day.

And isn't it the 'politically correct' thing to do? Maybe, but there is a larger reason that every hotel should recycle - life matters. Recycling shows an active and respectful engagement in the lives around us and no successful hotel stands in isolation from that experience. 

From the produce sourced from every region of world on the kitchen's prep tables to the watchful efforts of security seeking to protect the property from the extremes of hate, we are all part of the larger world each and every day.

Recycling enables that involvement to be a creative caring one, often for far less effort than one might think. Take for example the outstanding work of the Clean the World Program.

They will accept your used guest soaps, that many properties often throw away, clean and recycle them into new sanitary bars to those without something as simple as soap throughout the world.

Does it make a difference? Watch this video and decide for yourself. You can make a child laugh and live thousands of miles from your property by merely tossing those used soap bars into a recycling ben instead of the trash.  

We all can make a difference - to show that it is people that are at the heart of our industry. Profit matters yes, of course, because that profit enables motion and extension, but towards what matters. And what matters? Not simply more money but a better world.

If we achieve that then our hearts (and hands) will sparkle brightly clean at the end of each and every day and we can be truly proud of what we do. 

 Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2012