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Make It a Memorable Christmas with a Gift of English Royal Wedding China

England’s long anticipated next royal wedding is set for April 29th in 2011 but the commemorative wedding china was released today, just in time for last minute Christmas shopping.  And it's beautiful!

Prince William and his lovely bride-to-be Kate Middleton selected their elegant design earlier this month while at the Royal Collection located in Stoke-on-Trent.  

Each piece is made of fine white bone china accented with the entwined initials of the Prince and his future princess in gold and silver.

The charming commemorative china is now available for purchase from the gift shops at the various royal residencies.  It's a perfect Christmas gift.

All the resulting revenue will go towards the cost of this sure to be much watched wedding and the upkeep of the Royal Collection itself.

With a bride on his arm as beautiful as the beloved Princess Diana, one can only wish the young prince and his sweet lady many happy years together.

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