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Waldorf Astoria Hotel Gladly Welcomes Newlyweds Again for $16.80 Room Rate

Some hotels do it with a style that endures and one such hotel is certainly the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

And nothing demonstrates that elegance better than the fact that Isidore and Joan Schwartz will return to the Hotel to celebrate their wedding reception and overnight honeymoon first held there 60 years ago. In 1952 Harry Truman was the American president and America’s unofficial movie princess Grace Kelly was planning her wedding to Monaco’s Prince Rainier.

Back at the Waldorf the couple’s catered steak wedding dinner was a mere $4.75 per guest. How times have changed. Today's rates start at $319.

But not for the Schwartzs. You see the Waldorf has a little known tradition of welcoming back guests at the original rate charged when they return to re-celebrate major life events first hosted at the Waldorf. What style! (And what positive image branding for a mere $16 plus! Brillant marketing positioning!)

So on their anniversary date Isidore and Joan Schwartz, now 88 and 82 years old, will return to the Waldorf Astoria for the warmest of welcomes as they celebrate 60 years of married life with family and friends.

And the Schwartz’s room charge – same $16.80 originally charged in 1952. This time they might even decide to ask room service for champagne and caviar. Why not – they’ve earned it! Just Look at those happy faces!  

So well done Waldorf! You set the standard, just as this amazing couple has done!


Now  (2012) 

Then (1952) 


Congratulations and Best Wishes Always!

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