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How to Make 2012 an Exceptionally Great Year

From Sydney to Paris the new year will soon roll in upon us. And while many of us within the Hospitality Industry are at this point a bit weary (to say the least) of holiday cheer, now is a good time to step back and think of our goals (and dreams) for the coming year, a year we all want to be exceptional.

Perhaps no one captures how to actually achieve that better than the staff at Absolut Vodka in their stunning "Anthem" video which takes items of the everyday and, in the hands of the gifted, turns them into art and meaning.

Likewise the members of our Industry do the same every day with our day-in day-out tasks.  We take items common to us all - food, lodging, rest - and with skill turn them into the art of expression and experience.

And when we choose to add our perceptive insights, our unique take on it all, well, the result is both exceptional and unforgettable - just like a glass of fine wine or a sip of classic vodka, both well worth the effort and the price.

May 2012 Be the Best Year Ever!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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