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White House Correspondents Dinner Features a Menu of Hope and Humor

Each year on the last Saturday in April, the President of the United States hosts the leading members of the American press corps and other select guests to the White House Correspondents Dinner at the Washington Hilton Hotel. 

This year’s event was a memorable gathering that offered a menu of outstanding cuisine, belief in the future and insightful humor.

The very busy chefs in the Washington Hilton’s kitchens delighted the over 3,000 guests attending with the following menu:


Black Lentil Terrine with Lump Crabmeat
Tango Green and Red Artisan Greens
Red and Yellow Tear Drop Tomatoes
Dill Vinaigrette

Texas Rubbed Petite Filet with a Calvados Demi
paired with Duo of Jumbo Shrimp seasoned with Red Curry
Roasted Haricot Verts, Baby Pepper, Patty Pan Squash
Tasso Mache Choux Risotto

The Galaxy -- Rich Chocolate Truffle Mousse
layered with Chocolate Genoise and Almond Macaroon
and a Ganache Truffle Center with chocolate glaze
garnished with fresh raspberries

Wines - Estancia Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon

Michelle Obama, the nation’s elegant first lady, worn a floral gown by the Indian born American designer Naeem Khan. As always she charmed and put at ease all that she met.

But the true stars of the evening were Barack Obama and political humor.  For those who questioned the appropriateness of laughter in an era that faces global unrest and fearful unemployment worldwide, it is important that since 1920, when the first dinner was hosted, humor has always been an invaluable tool to de-stress and remember through the laughter what is truly important.

Should Obama be re-elected, his second term will be his last as dictated by the American constitution.  As a result, the President sought through humor to ask his audience to reach to the future.

After the dinner on Monday morning, the Democratic campaign team released their first major video ad listing, yes, the accomplishments of the President’s first four years but also setting a “FORWARD” theme for the next four years.

“Forward” is a wise choice as change and innovation requires motion as any member of the hospitality industry knows. That forward motion must include everyone, not just a few  - be they single departments or selected social groups. No hotel or restaurant is successful only in part and neither is any nation.

Together is better and that’s no joke!

Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2012