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Boston Marathon Bombing WHY?

(Reader Alert: This story contains graphic images)

Yesterday two bombs exploded near the finish line of the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. To date, three individuals have died and over 176 are injured, many seriously.

Over 100 countries were represented in the race as well as runners from every state in the United States. 

The blasts came four minutes nine seconds after the first runner crossed the finish line, insuring the blast would hit the largest group of athletes and supporters.

Those injured included small children and elderly adults, many loosing legs, receiving major head wounds and being struck with 20 or more carpenter nails that the bomb contained.

The nearby presence of race medical and police support teams were vital in saving lives and greatly reducing the number of casualties.

Yet, among the courage of the first responders and our gratitude that more were not injured, we are left with the question: WHY?

Why would any sane person perpetrate such an action? Why kill and injure individuals who were not in a war zone, who were only running in a peaceful event in the tradition of the Olympics.

The only answer can be that such actions are only possible by the insane, by those who have lost all connection with anything beyond themselves and exist within a narrow and isolated understanding of our mutual humanity.

For what God, no matter what we call that deity, could accept as right the murder and maligning of children? The melting of burning fabric into flesh? The ripping of limbs from bodies?

No true deity or faith would justify such things. NONE.

Rather only a faith or policy distorted by hate and ignorance could madly, insanely conceive these actions as ‘noble’ or ‘right’.  

Such actions are neither noble nor right – they are, instead, horrid and so very wrong.

After centuries can we do no better than this? Are rocks and stone, gunpowder and flying metal, the only way we can solve our common problems and concern?

No great spiritual leader has ever said violence was the path to enlightenment.

Perhaps our world’s leaders, as well as each of us, should pause and relook at the sign that Martin Richards, the eight year old child who died tragically in the bombing, held up months before, bearing a universal, yes, universal dove of peace.

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