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Romney's Hurricane Sandy Relief Rally Was a Fake Food Drive

Mitt Romney and Party have treated us to false coal miner rallies where the workers were required to attend by their employer and not even paid their regular wages for doing so. Then there was the phony charity dish washing event staged by Paul Ryan, the Republican vice president candidate.

NOW, we must endure a false Hurricane Sandy Aid Rally.

Unable to continue campaigning as usual during the worst storm to hit New York, New Jersey and surrounding East coast area in a century, Romney needed to find another way to keep his face before the voting public.

Why not stage a political rally but call it a relief rally instead? Need a photo opp? That's easy. Just send your staff to the nearby Walmart to buy $5,000 worth of canned food and then heavily stocked the tables in front of the candidate, least he look bad.

Attendees without a food donation were given one by Romney's staff, enabling them to give 'their' (Romney's) food gift back to the Republican candidate when he shook their hand in front of the waiting cameras.

Prearranged, phony, fake, staged!!! Are there words negative enough to comment on the character of someone willing to exploit the suffering of millions of citizens suddenly without homes, lights, heat, food? We are at a loss to find them.

Crafting a self-serving event complete with illusionary donations and then adding childhood stories about one's own generosity, it NOT a presidential response worthy of any individual seeking to one of the world's most powerful positions.

The correct response is to donate cash to the American Red Cross. Cash enables them to purchase the resources most needed by the disaster victims and avoid the costly and time-consuming process of sorting, delivery and even finding a heat source to prepare food donations. 

Perhaps Romney, one of the wealthiest men to ever run for president, might consider this well known fact and write a check to the Red Cross equal to say the price of his wife's show horse, instead of focusing on obtaining PR photos of himself.

Post Note, November 1, 2012: The staff at Your Culinary World has voted unanimously to award Lindsay Lohan the BURNT COOKIE AWARD for absolutely stupid statements.

With an almost unbelievable careless disregard for the safety of others, she twitted, "WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i'm calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace." 

Dear Miss Lohan, hurricanes and the loss of life that they bring is no joke. You should know better or be silent. Being a celebrity is a responsiblity, not a platform for spreading dangerous misinformation!

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