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Italian Cheese Industry Suffers Major Damage from Earthquake

Northern Italy was struck over the past weekend by a massive 6.0 earthquake. Not only have six people sadly died and many others injured, but Italy’s esteemed Parmesan Reggiano cheese industry has been severely damaged.

The great cheese houses of the regions have lost over 300,000 giant cheese wheels, valued at over 8,000,000 EUR or $10,045,604 USD.

As far back as the era of Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci, there have been questions as to why northern Italy suffers such severe earthquakes.

Today we know that the African tectonic plate, upon which Italy rests, pushes up and under the European tectonic plate, forming the Swiss Alps. The resulting pressure forces the former seafloor up, creating the high alpine peaks, complete with embedded see life fossils.

The price of Parmesan Reggiano will likely soon be equally high, so consider calling your supplier and laying in an additional store of this prize cheese.

Just be sure to remember, whether your menu includes Parmesan Cheese Baskets or Eggplant Parmesan, that many in Italy’s famed cheese industry are suffering, so consider contributing to the Italian Red Cross so that life (and cheese production) can return to normalcy. Viva Italia!

Post Note, May 29, 2012: Poor Italy! Another massive earthquake of 5.8 magitude hit northern Italy around 9AM local time today.

With many individuals in school or at work in already weakened structures, the death count has risen to at least 15.

Area cheese makers, who were then working to salvage their great Parmesan Reggiano wheels, have had to evacuate their warehouses as the ceilings and lights over head shook once again with frightening force.

Let's hope Mother Nature takes a rest very soon and grants a peaceful night of undisturbed sleep to all within the area.

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