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Oscar Movies Made in Hotels

Lights, Cameras – HOTELS!

Sunday is Oscars Night and that means nearly endless movie clips, past and present, will be shown. Captured in many of those clips will be some of the world’s greatest hotels. Here are just a few of the locations that helped to make these fine films Oscar winners:  

PARK HYATT TOKYO - Lost in Translation

Sofia Coppola won the Oscar for Best Writing of an Original Screenplay in 2003 in this her second film. Talk about talent! Also much talked about was the bar's stunning view from the 52nd floor high above Japan's capital.

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Alfred Hitchcock starred Doris Day and James Stewart as an American couple caught up in mystery and intrigue in 1956 in Morocco. The film was awarded an Oscar for Best Song when Doris sang Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera) in one of the Hotel's elegant suites. Later the song became her happy-go-lucky musical T.V. theme.

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Who can forget a young Sean Connery as a handsome and very buff James Bond sunning by the pool. And where was that stunning pool located? Why, at the Fontainebleau, of course, where no special effects were (and are) ever needed. Despite that fact, the film did go on to win the 1965 Oscar for Special Effects.

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When William Miller (played by Patrick Fugit) goes on assignment after rock-and-roll's famous for the Rolling Stone Magazine, he encounters not only the rich, the talent and the strange, he also discovers the bohemian hotel that was the New York City home to stars (and near stars) of 1970s. Kate Hudson won her 2001 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in this near documentary film.

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BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL - California Suite

Maggie Smith (who we have all come to love yet again as the reserved Lady Violet in BBC's Downton Abbey series) won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress in this 1978 film as an over-the-hill actress who simply had to see-and-be-seen at this famed Hollywood Hotel.

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Located on a stunning California beach, this 1959 film is a visual delight as well as a hallmark comedy about romance American style. Equally stunning are Orry-Kelly's costumes for which he won an Oscar. One can only wonder, however, had Marilyn Monroe not been wearing them to, umm, 'their best advantage', would the designer have won his award quite so easily.

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New James Bond Movie SKYFALL Launches at Massimo Restaurant and Oyster Bar

Yes, James is back and just in time for the 50th anniversary of Hollywood’s longest and most successful film franchise. The new film, entitled Skyfall, will premiere in the fall of 2012 and stars once again the fabulous Daniel Craig.

And where did the over 100 reporters from around the world go to attend the film's press launch?

Why none other than the famed Massimo Restaurant and Oyster Bar in London.

If you doubt this amazing restaurant’s popularity with celebrities, just consider that Johnny Depp also appeared there for the press launch of his latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series – On Stranger Tides

Given the setting for the film (water, water everywhere) – this legendary seafood restaurant seems the perfect destination for Depp and his fellow actors. (Not to mention the lucky attending members of the press – thank you Johnny!)

But back to Bond. The new film will be the 23rd time Bond has dazzled and with Craig, acting as our daring savior from disaster, this film is sure to be a worldwide hit.

Speaking of worldwide, the film’s still closely guarded plot is projected to range from England to China to Istanbul and finally to Scotland.  Such a wealth of destinations is sure to trigger (pardon the pun) new culinary trends and flavors.

Hosting all this wonder at El Massimo is Chef Patron Massimo Riccioli himself.  

Beginning in Rome, he directed the culinary delights at La Rossetta, the oldest Michelin star rated restaurant in Italy.

Now London is the lucky city able to enjoy his memorable feasts from the sea to shining sea.

Let’s just hope that the celebrities attending the launch don’t forget to enjoy those vodka martinis that James made so very popular as they dine on the best that chef and the oceans can offer.  

To be sure, “Shaken, not stirred” should help boast beverage profits around the world as countless movie goers applaud Ian Flemings 007 hero one more time in true cinematic style. 

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