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New Technology Asks Guests to "Please Leave the Towels!"

While tourists in London may be looking for that unforgettable royal wedding souvenir, guests in several Hawaiian, Miami and Manhattan hotels must now not consider the property’s linen as a keepsake of their holiday fun.

Thanks to Linen Technology Tracking, a Florida based firm, there is now a patented RFID chip that can easily be sewn into the hotel’s towels and dressing robes.    

Resort properties near the water have found that the new insert chip is a great aid in reducing the cost incurred from replacing their “lost” towels, saving in some instances over $16,000 monthly!

Such a discretely placed chip can facilitate both appropriate billing as well as documented proof that the hotel’s monogrammed linen has been a guest’s impromptu vacation memento.   

It’s an interesting using of technology within the industry and one to evaluate as budget cost saving continue to be a must.   

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