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Great Geek Gifts for Chef AND Mom on Mother's Day

As any wise parent (and every chef) knows, running a home or professional kitchen is not a simple singular job.

Whether one is the lady of the house or master of the kitchen, the tasks at hand often include being an administrator, a cuisine creator, an advisor and much, much more (something every good spouse and GM should remember).

One way to tackle all these varied tasks is by adding the best, the most innovative of the new technology at hand. Here’s our choice for some great geek gifts that will surely lighten the load:

The Letout Outlet

Designed by Damjan Stankovic, this initial single electrical wall plug pulls out to offer additional outlets. Perfect, innovative - who wouldn’t like this addition to their kitchen.




There are times when the day is long that nothing but an espresso will do. But sadly often there is not that wonder of Italian cuisine, the espresso machine, at hand. Now the weary chef and the creative home cook can satisfy their craving no matter where they go with the handpresso - finally (and thank you)!


Rub Away Bar

If you've ever cut onions, washed your hands and then could still smell onions on your hands, you nmight eed to add a stainless steel 'soap' bar to your kitchen sink. Unlike regular soap, the Ran Away Bar utilizes a oxido-reduction, which is a natural property of steel, to remove strong odors in minutes. Hurray! 

iPad Chef Sleeve

A simply must-have for the tech chef who courageously brings their not inexpensive iPad into the kitchen world of spills and thrills. The busy chef just has to put their iPad into the protective sleeve cover, seal and all will be right in the kitchen without regard to messy hands or spilled liquids. Ideally! 


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