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60 Minutes News Confuses Fine Cuisine with Junk Food as They Explore the Alchemy of Flavor Giant Givaudan

In a recently aired T.V. report (see it here) focusing largely on the Swiss flavoring giant Givaudan, the 60 Minutes News Hour provided an insightful glimpse into the amazing range and method of their operations. And then makes a major erroneous conclusion.

From California orchards to chef guided food trials in Hong Kong, the legendary Givaudan Firm is shown capturing thousands of flavor, many available only regionally in a limited basis in fresh form.

The program traces the flavors from fields to the hands of such well known chefs as Alvin Leung, who works with the new tastes to create innovative dishes that will delight diners worldwide.

But sadly, mid-report there is a turn in the story from flavors as pleasure to taste as a form of addiction. And this is where perhaps the reporters on the story should have spoken to a few chefs to gain a more accurate perspective on our Industry. 

The story visually implies a link between the efforts of fine chefs to that of companies who choose to produce tons of unhealthy commercial junk foodsNothing could be more unjust or further from the truth.

Chefs around the world have and are working daily to raise an awareness of healthy dining and an increased use of fresh ingredients.

True professional chefs do NOT produce "junk food". They create cuisine.  

Bob Pelligrino, Givaudan's vice president of global strategy and business development, is truly a gentleman as he elegantly restrains his replies when he is unfairly pressed to admit that flavoring is the sole source of obesity.

Perhaps the reporters and the staff who created this misbalanced news story should have asked a chef or two how he or she would reply to such statements. Probably the professional chef, after wiping his or her hands, might reply that obesity results from misinformed food choices – something this very 60 Minutes report appears to be sadly guilty of.  

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