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New PUSS IN BOOTS Movie Will Make All Things Spanish So HOT!

All things Spanish will only get hotter with the premiere of DreamWorks new movie Puss in Boots, starring Antonio Banderas as the elegant voice of the utterly unforgettable feline purrr-fect hero.

With lines like "I smell something familiar. Something dangerous. Something - breakfasty" and "I hate Mondays", what chef can't relate to this noble gato?

Add in magic beans and golden eggs and, well, this movie is sure to be a big hit worldwide with everyone be they child, parent or chef.

That said, innovative chefs everywhere know a great theme when they see it. And this year (and next), it is going to be all things Spanish but with flare and surprise (Puss would so approve).

And speaking of breakfast and golden eggs, why not create exactly that with the amazing edible food spray from The Deli Garage. Applied with style (oh so Spanish), it's sure to create a never to be forgotten a la Ferran meal worthy of any chef's knowing smile.

Shouldn't we all then say "Ole!" and tip our hats to a great (and very funny) new DreamWorks film. Just don't forget your toque and BOOTS!

Post Note, October 28, 2011: Here are several additional great lines from Puss in Boots that are truly worth of Chef and supportive staff...

"Is it hot in here? Or is just ME?"

"Fear me, if you dare."

"You made the cat (substitute the word 'chef' here) angry. You do not want to make the cat (chef) angry." - followed by a swip by something sharp and great personal embarrassment.

Post Note, October 30, 2011: If you still doubt that things Hispanic will be a hot trend in the coming year, check out the well dressed Japanese business men dancing their away across Mexico in Genki Sudo's World Order viral music video. The tightly choreographed moves are almost equal to any performed by the staff of a well run kitchen. Bravo gentlemen!

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