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Pasta y Gambas is Nadal’s Secret Recipe for Tennis Success at Wimbledon

Last weekend Rafa Nadal won set after set against Roger Federer at this year’s French Open.  Surely no one watching from center court at the esteemed Roland Garros sport complex could doubt that they were seeing a master play the game.

The question now being asked by many is how far can Nadal go? Will history rank him as the greatest tennis player ever? At 25, he has age on his side. But if he is to surpass Federer’s standing record of 16 Grand Slam Titles (Nadal has 10 Grand Slams to date), he will need nearly endless energy and stamina to enter the record books. But take heart Nadal fans... 

Now we know the secret recipe for Nadal’s number one energy source and all-time favorite meal before his strength draining afternoon championship matches: Pasta y Gambas (Pasta and Shrimp) - just be sure to use only Spanish paprika and olive oil, Nadal cautions.  They are, according to this tennis legend, the ingredients that make this dish a winner with top players - on and off the court:

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