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French Dinner Rhapsody Is All About Food and Family

French Dinner Rhapsody or, more correctly, Rhapsodie pour un Pot-au-feu, is a charming short animated film about an average French family getting ready for their nightly meal together - no snacking allowed, please!

Created by Charlotte Cambon, Soizic Mouton, Stéphanie Mercier and Marion Roussel, we meet the whole family, starting with mother who shops daily for the freshest ingredients.

Then there is dear grandmama, who can't help tasting and adding her touch to every cooking pot. After all, she's been cooking (and tasting) longer than any one else there. Respect, respect.
Dishes and linen are, but of course, required but not the son's cell phone - not at the table, thank you. One must have standards!

Our only regret on viewing is that we can't enter the film and join in this very French feast of food and family, for la 'Joie de Vivre' often seems forgotten by so many these days. In short, we often miss the magical music of a life joyfully lived amidst the wonder of the common everyday.
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