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Current Culinary Trends Explain Three Types of Guests

No one doubts that our industry is rapidly changing. Today iPhone apps join printed menus and reservations have often moved online. Here, for your consideration, are three of the newest trends affecting us all:


We live in a world where consumer expectation has created a guest group that believes the “best of the best” should be theirs in every dining experience. As a result, there is a constant demand for new products and unique experiences.

Known as members of the “Expectation Economy”, these diners look for the novel, the enhanced in both service and cuisine in order to experience what they define as a more stimulating and interesting life.


While some individuals define their dining as a statement of social status, another group of guests are now viewing their culinary experience as an opportunity to achieve new skills, connectedness or eco-commitment.

Entitled “Considered Consumerism”, this approach is interested in source, fair trade and mutual involvement through cuisine and knowledgeable choice.


Still another group of diners is interested in change BUT within known boundaries. These guests are secure within their sense of status, yet desire an ever upgraded experience without the risk of worry. 

Often very loyal to the known, they now look for comfortable innovation within that safe zone as this provides them a sense of enriched stability in a world of too rapid change. 

Commonly called “Re-Commercers”, they enjoy change gently positioned within the known, be it classic or regional cuisine. They seek to be delighted, never shocked or startled. 

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