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London's Soaring Shard Tower Was Designed on the Back of a Restaurant Menu

Change always concerns some people. And the proof of that statement is now being born out in London as Europe's newest AND tallest skyscraper, the Shard Tower, nears completion.

Developed by property magnate Irvine Sellar (who made his first fortune selling flared hip-hugger pants on Carnaby Street to the flower-power generation in 1960s) and designed by famed Italian architect Renzo Piano (Paris' Pompidou Centre was an early collaboration) first conceived this soaring structure on the back of a restaurant menu.

Yet the English Heritage Group is not impressed. They feel it is an intrusion on a World Heritage Site. They fear that the 1,016 feet building will alter the beloved skyline of London.

Leading members of the international business community have no such fears. Such style-defining firms as the Shangri-La Hotel system have already signed on as tenants, offering both rooms and restaurants with stunning high views.

For those still concerned, please remember that London has always been a city of change. Once Roman, it became medieval only to reshape itself after the Great Fire of 1666, thanks to the then 'modern' architect Christopher Wren. Even Hilter could not destroy a city so full of life and living history.

The Shard Tower is just another wonderful part of a City that's always reaching for the future, no matter the Age. And that is why London will delight all those who visit her now and in future - eternally young, classically grounded for this is how London has always soared towards the expression of its singular spirit. 

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