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Learn Who Is the World's Best Chocolate Chef

There is no place like Paris and nothing sweeter than the taste of chocolate.

Combine these two and you have the legendary World Chocolate Masters, the major confectionary competition studied by all in the industry for trend identification. 

Unlike many other contests that focus on a team effort, this feat of culinary mastery highlights the talents of a single supremely skilled chef, seeeking to be the best among the very best.

Each year the WCM is a breath-taking pageant of skill, artistry, hope and heartbreak as both the basic and the nearly unbelievable, all crafted in chocolate, are present to a panel of the world’s toughest culinary judges.

Congratulations to this year’s winners: Chefs Frank Haasnott, Yoshiaki Uezaki and Palle Sorensen, representing the Netherlands, Japan and Denmark respectively – truly the new masters of chocolate!

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