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Chilean Miners Wine Celebrate the Best Story of the Year

There can be no doubt that this year's most amazing tale of courage was the struggle of 33 brave Chilean miners to reach the surface after a deep cave-in.  In a fellowship of survival, they put much of the world with its petty squabbles and concerns to shame.

Now the leading London design agency Unreal has created a limited edition of 33 bottles of "Chilean Winers", each etched with the name and story of one individual miner.

The long tall dark bottle represents the depth of the mine while an extended “I” from the word “Chilean” the escape shaft dug over many days to reach the brave buried miners.  Even the packaging was brought into the design, copying the narrow Phoenix 2 cylinder each miner in turn rode to freedom.

The design has so inspired holiday shoppers in England that Chilean wine sales there have risen over 25%! 

What an uplifting Christmas gift Unreal has created to share with friends and family as we look with faith and hope to the coming New Year. 

May the miners' courage and strength remind us all of what we are each truly capable when we reach deep into our hearts and find the best that we can be.

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Posted on December 20, 2010 and filed under Courage, Wine.