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Spanish Food and Wine Connects to the Future with iPavement Tiles

The first decade of a new century is the perfect time to launch change and embrace the future. And no European city has done that better than historic Madrid, Spain’s classic and captivating capital. 

Working with the members’ of ASEPI, which include the best of the best among Spain’s universities, manufacturers, computer experts and skilled installers, the very new iPavement tiles have been laid in Madrid’s main square, la Puerta del Sol.

Each digital tile enables those in the Square to connect with the Internet and receive information about hotels, restaurants and culinary events in Madrid and beyond. Now in place, this new technology has brought this historic Square forward into a future where the cities of tomorrow will become dynamic digital habitats, not merely residential domains.

The ancient Romans who came to Spain in 214BC (and fell in love with the country as so many have) understood that roads were really about commerce.

Without smooth stone roads, Roman wagons full of goods could not move. Trade stopped.

Today the Internet is the new road of commerce. The insightful members of the ASEPI consortium understand that fact and so have laid new stones, using the innovative iPavement, to create a pathway to the future that can, for those with imagination, includes us all.

These amazing ‘stones of the future’ enable hotels and restaurants to move beyond traditional marketing beginning now. Their application points are nearly endless. 

The ancient Romans, who so loved Spain’s wine and cuisine, would have died to have such stones! Aren’t we lucky to be in the 21st century!  

 (City of Art and Science - Valencia, Spain) 

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