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How to Float Like an Angel While Working Like a Demon

President Barak Obama and his elegant wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary this past weekend.  

It only takes a look at the photographs that captured their evening out at the Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, Virginia to see that this is a couple dedicated to each other.

That mutual commitment is mirrored by the restaurant's owner Chef Cathal Armstrong and his beautiful wife and professional partner Meshelle, both hailing from Ireland.  Their esteemed 50 seat restaurant is named after their first child, Eve.

Chef Armstrong trained in France but has always maintained his commitment to source and quality that reaches back to his Irish childhood.

With multiple stars awarded for excellent as well as a deep loyalty to sustainability, Chef Armstrong’s Restaurant Eve was a perfect choice for the First Couple who have provided to the nation an active role model for healthy eating.

Yet as every professional in our industry knows, style, elegance and stars-awarded don’t just happen, just as great marriages don’t just happen.

It takes work, commitment, dedication and skill. When it’s done well, it only looks easy – a lovely picture, a dinner served with grace and charm.

Perhaps there is no more perfect example of the ease of expert expression than the new Air France ad airing global. The dancers are subtle and graceful, gently hinting at a mystery only revealed at the end, yet always capturing the elegant essence of the Air France experience.   

But before the dance (or dinner) comes the endless and very necessary preparation. In an amazing double release, Air France has also documented the efforts involved in the “staging” of the magic.

And while many of the televised foods shows have opened a window for consumers to glimpse the working wonder of a professional kitchen, it is only a brief image of the steam and strain.

What is not captured are the years of training prior to mastery, the untiring eye seeking perfection, the effort to discover the ever new while never forgetting the richness of the past.  

Like any great marriage, it requires that one focus every day on the values expressed through medium of everyday life. It requires caring; it requires simply truly Loving what we do and deeply respecting all those we share our day with.

Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2011

Air France Uses Social Media Effectively via NYC Food Truck

One has to have one’s head stuck in the ground not to recognize how massively marketing within the industry has been affected by social media. From Facebook to LinkedIn, there seems to be a nearly endless array of access points. Yet the critical question seldom addressed is how to use the new technology effectively. 

For four days in March this year, Air France USA showed New York City that they know how to use the new components of the Internet by creatively combining texting and great cuisine with Facebook and food trucks.    

Starting with a menu created by Michelin rated Chef Joel Robuchon, an Air France food truck moved out onto the streets of New York, it’s arrival destination pre-announced via Twitter and Facebook. Driving the near viral number of emails that started to zip through Manhattan was the fact that the first class cuisine to be served would be FREE!

Was Air France serious – premiere grilled beef filets garnished with a wine truffle sauce and then smoked salmon and shrimp rondelles for FREE? Absolutely! And here’s why: Through the efforts of the chefs preparing the elegant cuisine (Jacques Lalzace, Paulo Ferreira, Eric Augustine, Henri Alcade and Michel Quissac) Air France USA:

  • Gained world-wide marketing exposure
  • Obtained thousands of e-mail contact lead addresses
  • Localized the image of Air France by requesting diners donate to City Harvest
  • Shared with over 3,000 lucky individuals, literally, the taste of first class service on Air France.

Not bad for a single day’s work. Now that’s modern marketing at its best.

Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2011