The Butler - To Serve with Pride and Honor

For true professionals within the Hospitality Industry, there is a long tradition of service with honor and pride that those outside of our profession sometimes do not grasp or understand.

A new film, The Butler, captures that conflict as it tells the fictionalized story of Cecil Gaines, an African American, who eyewitnesses the epic events of the 20th century while serving as a White House butler. 

The film is bsed on the true-life story of Eugene Allen, who rose from "pantry man" to the most prestigious White House rank of Maitre d'hotel, to serve eight American Presidents ranging from 1952-1986.

The outstanding script captures the courage and fears of a nation (and the individuals, both famous and little-known) who sought to find (or deny) the meaning of freedom for all.

This is a film, that between heart-breaking poverty and elaborate state dinners, will leave the viewer thinking about the true nature of service, by both the powerful and the humble, to the soul of self and the heart of a nation. 

 Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2013