Thank You Nelson Mandela for the Truth You Shared

Yesterday a great man died. He inspired us; he reminded us to be all that we can be, never less.

Mandela 1.jpg

Whether it was his courage to withstand hunger without hate in the hell that was the prison on Robben Island or the joy with which he viewed the rounded gourd-shaped World Cup soccer stadium, he demonstrated daily the depth and width of the human heart when filled with understanding love.

Candle 1.jpeg

He led South Africa to freedom, without the horror of massacre. He showed the world that problems can be solve without burning restaurants and shattered hotel windows.

Flags at Half Mast 1.jpg

The lessons he taught have flowed like a mighty river beyond the borders of his single country. As a result, country after country, of which he was not even a citizen, have lowered their flags today in respect and gratitude.

This global gesture is done to honor a man, who showed through a courage that defines the very heart of love, that compassion - not explosions, is the path to peace and fellowship.

Thank you. Thank you for being Nelson Mandela. May we never forget the lessons you shared, the lessons you taught. 

Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2013