Aussies Enjoys Beer Can Regatta Before Swim at 2012 London Olympic Aquatic Center

Very soon the world's focus will be shifted to all things brightly British as the 2012 Olympics start in London. And one jewel that is sure to sparkle within the Olympic Complex will be the elegant new London Aquatic Centre in Stratford.

Designed by Dame Zahan Mohammad Hadid, the famed British architect and winner of the Pritzker Architecture Price, this stunning sports facility is a truly unique building whose time has come. This great and very talented architect, along with the hard-working Welsh construction team on site, has literally raised the roof on stadium design.

But far from London, there is another (and much more lighthearted) ‘construction’ event occurring. Each year the hardy beer drinkers of Australia converge in Darwin for the annual Beer Can Regatta. Each contestant there must race (well, sort of race) in a self-made boat made of beer cans!

No, it's not the Olympics but with so much fun one can only wonder if Captain Jack Sparrow wouldn't like to heave anchor from the Caribbean and set sail (in style, of course) for the South Pacific. Once there he might even considering, for a very brief moment at least, the replacement his beloved rum with a can of Aussie beer.

Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2012