Harrods Hosts Chef Thomas Keller for Ten Very Special Days

The famed Harrods Department Store of London has always been a trend setter. From its beginning in 1849 with the motto ‘Everything for Everybody Everywhere’ and telegraphic address of ‘Everything London’, Harrods has set the fashion in everything from men’s wear to children’s toys.

Today is no different as Harrods hosts Chef Thomas Keller at a unique pop-up restaurant that will appear for ten days starting October 1st in the legendary fourth floor Georgian Restaurant.

Keller, a three star Michelin chef, will recreate there for Harrods’ fortunate guests his esteemed northern California based restaurant, The French Laundry, as faithfully as possible including its actual décor and signature dinnerware.

For this his first European service event, Keller will blend French cuisine with American ingredients to create a set nine course culinary experience that is sure to be one of the most talked about restaurant events in London this fall.

In addition Keller will be presenting several new culinary creations devised especially for this unique Harrods event.

As reservations are, of course, required be sure to call early and know that as a result you be part of history in the making, all thanks to Harrods and the very talented Thomas Keller.   

Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2011