Coke Reminds Us on July 4th Freedom Has No Borders

In a world embroiled in unsolved problems from the streets of Greece to the corridors of the U.S. Congress, it is often humor that can remind us that with compassion and creativity any problem can be resolved.

Today thoughtful companies, such as Coca-Cola, are linking media and message to reach a world market wearily waiting for answers that acknowledge the waste of war and the poison of pollution.  

We may smile and yet, within the hospitality industry, there is also a great responsibility for we are the ‘living room of the world.  It is within our workspace that the world gathers to dine and discuss the concerns of today and tomorrow.

And yes, sadly, there are those, whose creed is violence instead of service, who enter our open ‘living room’ bent on destruction and death. 

Yet we go on, believing that meeting together, whether in the foyer of the hotel or in the dining room, is critical to a common understanding that no line should divide us from our true self and from each other ever. 

Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2011