Snowflakes and Champagne Bubbles Will Be Major Holiday Themes as Sak Lights Up NYC in Amazing 3-D Style

New York it is a visual treasure during the December holidays. First there was Lady Gaga's designer Windows at Barney's - very modern, very cutting edge.

But last night Sak may have stolen the show with their stunning visual light display shown on the side of their famed Fifth Avenue store.

Expanding on their traditional snowflake theme, the designers at Iris worked with Terron Schaefer, group senior vice president of creative marketing at Saks, added champagne bubbles this year. The result was a moving dance of motion and meaning and is simply unforgettable. 

Initially the snowflakes and bubbles competed with each other but finally joined together to represent the concept of diversity as a positive force in our world. Even Sak’s shopping bags and jewelry echo this theme of unity – one that hotels know well.


With such a stunning display nightly on Sak’s wall (and guaranteed to be seen around the world via the Internet), snowflakes and champagne bubbles are sure to be popular themes for this winter season. 

And why not – they dazzle, they sparkle – each unique, each special just like the many guests that will celebrate in the lobbies and guestrooms of the world's hotels.

Because our staffs also represent that diversity, may we also sparkle and shine this holiday season as we serve and present an example of peace and harmony to a world that too often forgets what is possible with a smile and an understanding heart.

Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2011