Thank You Steve Jobs for Sharing the Courage to Create

On October 5th Steve Jobs died. The innovative CEO founder of Apple Computers (and creator of Pixar Animation Studio) conceived product after product that has touched and benefited our Industry.

What chef, what F&B director, what sommelier has not had their day made easier through the use of a laptop computer, iPhone or iPad? Who has not eased the stress of the day with music thanks to an iPod? Or failed to cheered when our professional values were shared with diners in the amazing film Ratatouille?  

Yet Jobs has left an even greater gift for us all than those wonderful tools listed above.  That gift is a view of what true creativity is about and how we achieve it. Nowhere is that better captured than in his address to the 2005 graduating class of Stanford University near his home in California.

Please take a moment and watch this astounding presentation about courage and creativity. Then, if you find it appropriate, share it with others – thanks in large part to the very technology that Jobs created and shared with all of us.

Thank you Steve Jobs! You made all our 'jobs' a lot easier!

 Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2011