Your Hotel Can Help to CLEAN THE WORLD

Anyone who has stand through a P&L Meeting on property knows that without housekeeping no hotel can operate successfully.  There are beds to make, floors to clean and last, but not least, bathrooms to clean.

And that means soap, endless bars of half used soaps to be replace and, sadly, very often through away in the trash.

But today, hotel after hotel stateside are now forwarding those once discarded bars to CLEAN THE WORLD in Orlando, Florida to be recycled into sanitized new bars of soap for those in need around the world. 

If your hotel is not participating, it should be. A bar of soap in a disaster or underprivileged area can quite literally save a life.

No hotel, no restaurant can function without an ongoing concern for cleanliness and health safety.

Now with a phone call and just a little effort, we can extend that concern around the world through what was once thrown away.    

The choices we make within life defines who we are and what we believe. Make the choice to make a difference. Don’t throw that soap away. Instead, decide to help for that is the true nature of our Industry.

Post Note, November 2, 2011: Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 5th as hospitality industry leaders will be gathering then at The Peabody Orlando to celebration of their collective support and endorsement of the Clean the World partnership program at a first ever grand gala.  

If you can't be there, consider calling in your support (407-574-8353) for this amazing nonprofit organization that saves lives around the world simply by recycling used hotel soaps into clean life-saving bars of health and happiness.

It's important to support the change we all want to see with both words and deeds.


Post Note, October 28, 2011: Dove Soaps has recently launched an amazing video campaign to encourage young girls worldwide to develop a positive personal image based on their own sense of self esteem, not commercialized beauty ads. Well Done Dove - You've helped so many girls fly higher every day!

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