Innovative Design Makes It the Best of Times

This is an amazing time to be within the hospitality industry. From the culinary scientists creating at PolyScience to the talented hotel architects working in Dubai, the future is going to be, well, simply amazing.

Just consider PolyScience’s new take on take on an Old Fashion Cocktail, not on the rocks, but WITHIN the rocks (ice cube we mean). Not only does their Refrigerated Circulating Bath technique create additional “table drama”, it will also greatly increase the ease of service at large functions which include a preset bar service.

But the future doesn’t stop there – take a look at Dubai’s upcoming plans for the world’s first rotating hotel. The waltz-themed music adapted from the epic space movie 2001 seems the perfect choice for this breath-taking future structure that’s sure to include the most modern of restaurants.

With such tools at the disposal at chefs, food and beverage directors and as well as bar masters, it's truly the best of times to be creative!

Your Culinary World copyright Ana Kinkaid/Peter Schlagel 2011