A Chef In Love

Tells the story of a chef who loves beauty and fights evil — all through the power of creativity.  Set in the Republic of Georgia during the tumultuous years of the early 20th century, French chef Pascal Ichak falls in love with both the country and its princess. Then the Russian Army arrives and the standards by which one lives and dines are threatened. True to his profession, the Chef fights back with truth and with spices. 


A Taste Of Romance

A movie about what happens when a firefighter, turned cook, opens a restaurant next to a classically trained French chef. And although the movie does involve a romantic theme (that helps to sell the movie to the general public) it also tells the story of how those in the Industry support each other in times of need. Worth seeing!

Babette's Feast

Once a famous chef in Paris, Babette seeks poiltical shelter with two shy sisters in a remote Danish seaside village, long devoted to a restrictive interpretation of the Christian faith. When a grateful Paris gourmet buys in Babette's name a winning lottery ticket, she suddenly has the funds to leave the isolated village. Instead, Babette decides to stay and bring the ingredients for a grand Parisian dinner to the village for a feast of meaning about the true richness of life.

Big Night

An inspiring tale of two brothers on the edge of financial ruin who have only one night to impress their guests and save their dream of the good life in America. There is just one problem — they each define dining from a different point of view.  It's truly a case of the back of the house fighting the front. Oh no! You will laugh and never think of dining out (or working with a relative) in quite the same way again if you see this film!

Bottle Shock

How unknown California wines beat many of France's best wines in the legendary blind tasting of 1976, known as the "Judgement of Paris." In a daring move to open minds (and pocket books) Steven Spurrier turned the world of wine upside down as he bravely challenged culinary prejudices and national pride - all thanks to a few brown paper bags!

Bread and Tulips

A delightful and touching film about escaping boredom and finding life all thanks to the culinary arts and Venice. Forgotten by her family while on vacation, Rosalba arrives alone in Venice. There a thoughtful waiter serves her like a queen, and life (as well as cuisine) flourishes anew among bright flowers and strange, yet wonderful, new friends.

The Butler

A stunning movie about those who serve the Presidents of the United States. Outstanding with a legendary cast. Based on the life of Eugene Allen, the film recounts, between jelly beans and grand state banquets, the need for justice no matter one's position in life.

Cafeteria Man

A very necessary film about the school lunch program in Baltimore (and elsewhere), thanks to the culinary crusader Chef Tony Geraci. Why? Because a poor lunch equals poor learning!  Childhood obesity haunts American children, harming them long after they leave school. Here's how to change the conversation from cokes to carrots.

Le Chef (Comme Un Chef)

A very funny (and insightful) film about what happens when two chefs, one traditional and one avant-garde, collide in a Michelin starred kitchen. It's the classic conflict between the value of tradition and need for innovation within the hospitality industry. Which will win? Ah, for that, you'll have to see the film (and you will smile at the final resolution).


A sensitive film that explores the power of both chocolate and our past, all mixed together with skill and humor by Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. Mythical and meaningful - the bitter blended with the best the heart has to offer once fear is conquered from within.

Dae Jang Geum

The little known story of a lowly orphaned female kitchen apprentice who became known during Korea's last dynasty as the "Jewel in the Palace". Her thoughtful study of the benefits of a natural diet enabled the insightful Jang-geum to become the nation's first female physician, serving no less than the King himself. This TV series relates a nearly forgotten story about the ability of truth to heal a world blinded by a tradition of hate, pain and fear. 

Downton Abbey

Once again BBC's Masterpiece Theater has brought the fabled world of English lords and ladies (and their devoted servants) to home theaters in this classic "Upstairs Downstairs" drama series. Numerous subplots are woven together as the members of the Crawley family seek to find their footing after the horrors of the First World War and struggle with the new freedoms of the 1920s - all accompanied by their faithful servants above and below stairs. Tea and crumpets anyone?

Eat Drink Man Woman

Life without spice is NOT a feast, just a meal to strengthen one until the real feast is finally found. Master Taipei Chef Chu prepares each Sunday a home feast for his three unmarried daughters. There, between stunning course after stunning course, each daughter struggles to honor tradition while seeking their own place in the world beyond their father's ordered kitchen.

El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

A rare look into the culinary laboratory of Ferran Adria, the legendary Spanish chef whose innovative work is truly inspiring. A must-see film for all those interested in culinary creativity.  Now sadly closed, this film documents how Ferran and his elite culinary team crafted dishes so amazing at his world famous restaurant in Roses, Catalonia Spain that there was a standing year long wait for reservations! 

Forks Over Knives

An informative film that overviews the twenty year long China-Cornell-Oxford Project which voices strong concerns regarding the negative health effects of the traditional heavy meat and grain diet of the western world. To fight the resulting high rates of coronary disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer, the study recommends a diet of plant-based whole foods.

The Ladies 1b.jpg

The Grand Budapest Hotel

There's no place like The Grand Budapest Hotel and that's because Monsieur Gustave is the famed hotel's concierge extraordinare. Accused of thief and murder, he leads all through forests and pastry shop (oh, the Courtesan au Chocolat) to acquittal and the true meaning of life.

Great Scotch Whisky

This is the movie that explains it all and it's available here free of charge. So pour yourself a wee dram. Then click on the image to left of this text and you will soon be enjoying both the beauty of Scotland and the heritage of it's favorite beverage - whisky (which is never, but, never in Scotland spelled with an 'e').  

Hyde Park on the Hudson

This historic film tells the story of the American President Franklin Roosevelt who served hot dogs to the King and Queen of England while working jointly together to craft an alliance to fight Adolf Hitler and save the free world, all with a cocktail in hand. Not bad for a weekend's work!

I Am Love (Lo Sono l'Amore)

A visually stunning film about awakening to the wonder of life thanks to the delights of Italian cuisine. It's an epic tale of a multi-generational wealthy Milanese family, famed for their production of fashionable fabrics and inter-family struggles. Woven between the golden threads of the family's fortune are culinary dishes as unforgettable as Milan itself.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Here's what it takes to be a legendary sushi master - in short, far more than sharp knives are required. David Gelb's fascinating film follows Jiro Ono, Tokyo's 85 year old esteemed culinary master and owner of the three Michelin-starred Sukiyabashi Jiro Restaurant, who lives the life of an artist every day knife in hand. 

Julie and Julia

Starring Meryl Streep as the one and only Julia Child, this film is about a devoted home cook who decides to recreate all, yes all, of Julia Child's 524 Mastering the Art of French Cooking  recipes. Along the way, the young Brooklyn cook encounters failed souffles, heavenly beef bourguignon and her missing self esteem. Thank you, Julia (and Paul), for the deep lessons you shared about life and love!

King Corn

A documentary film about the dangers of corn (and its negative impact on health in the American diet). Overviewed is the absorption of the small family farm by large industrialized mega farms, heavily committed to single cash corn crops. Fast food outlets and heavily processed grocery foods, sadly, complete a disturbing distribution cycle.

Kings of Pastry 

Are you an admirer of beautiful pastries, those grand creations that only a professional can create? This inspiring documentary explores the world of those who compete for the red, white, blue acclaimed  medals of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. There careers can rise (and fall) on the weight on a single sugar sculpture.

Les Saveurs du Palais

A film about Daniele Delpeuch, the famed country chef brought to Paris to cook for France's president (and bored gourmet), Francois Mitterrand. Initially dismissed by the all-male white-coated professional chefs at the palace, her give-no-ground persistence and skill finally won her supporters and lasting culinary fame. 

Like Water for Chocolate

A film based on a novel by the Mexican writer, Laura Esquival, that defines food as a passion that can change one's life. The story follows Tita, who cannot marry before her older sister does. Through the magical realism of cuisine, Tita finally wins the freedom to live her life with a passion that equals her cooking.

The Lunchbox

A film from India that captures the loneliness that sometimes prompts a shared lunch, even if it's unintentional. The story begins when a recent widower mourning his wife receives by mistake a homemade lunch the lonely young wife Ila made for her less than attentive husband. Shared cuisine and notes rekindle life and truth.

One Day in Paris

A short documentary film that follows famed French Chef Guy Savoy and his amazing staff through their standard day from the arrival of fresh produce to the serving of their evening guests. Created by the Salto Brothers, it is a short cinematic masterpiece about one day in the life of this world famous multi-star restaurant. Both elegant and truthful, this film captures the tradition and protocol that defines the classic French restaurant at its most revered and elite level. An absolute must-see for both culinary professional and dedicated diner.

Pressure Cooker

The true life story of the Philadelphia teacher, Wilma Stephenson, and her hard working students who win major culinary scholarships each year due to their teacher's support and guidance. An inspiring film about food, determination and the courage to change no matter the obstacles or limitations, as taught by this veteran teacher of 38 years. 


An animated film for the whole family about culinary creativity no matter one's background (or size). Ramy is young and gifted with that rare sense of taste and flair that is the hallmark of one born to be a chef. There is only one problem: He's a rat! Plot twists and turns enable him to finally win the heart of Paris' hardest critic, Anton Ego, with a simple dish of, yes, ratatouille. 

Simply Irresistible

A fairy tale film about a hardened elite department store manager (the prince) who falls in love with a lovely downtown chef (our Cinderella), who can make unforgettable caramel eclair "thingies". An apple replaces Cinderella's coach and a crab with attitude stands in for the Fairy Godmother. It's magic brewed up kitchen style! 


A premiere film at the 2012 Napa Valley Film Festival about four brave individuals preparing to take the Master Sommelier Diploma exam - a test less than 200 people in the world have ever passed! From first glass to final grade, this film explains why a wine list is never 'just' a list.

Spinning Plates

Why dine out? Better yet, why do chefs cook for hundreds of people they don't even know? A film about three very different restaurants - Aline, Breitback"s and La Cocina de Gabby, offers some insightful answers about what fires our industry night after night.

Today's Special

A thoughtful film about trusting your own passion - especially in the kitchen as well as in life. A promising young sous chef on the way up must rediscover the abandoned Indian cuisine of his childhood to save the family restaurant (and find his true self). Both inspiring and humorous. A must-see movie!

Tortilla Soup

Old meets new in this adaption of the popular film Eat Drink Man Woman but done with a modern California twist. Three very different daughters and their traditional chef father struggle through tears and cheers to find what matters to each as spices and cultures meet and blend. Welcome to America!


The true story of the 15th century French culinary master, Francois Vatel, whose creations delighted Louis XIV and his 2,000 guests. Vatel, however, drew the line when the creation of pleasure came at the cost of his professional honor. The combination of the cruel arrogance of the nobility with the late delivery of a key ingredient proved too much even for the patient Vatel. The rest, as they say, is history.


Can pies make you free? They can if crafted with courage and named with purpose. A poor abused southern waitress named Jenna is trapped in a loveless marriage and a dead end job clearing tables and serving lunch to roadside truckers. Creating unusual pies (and the hope of winning a local culinary contest) seem her only way out of a life without meaning. In other words, what does it take to win in life?

Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?

Master chefs are being killed in the same manner used to create their signature dish. Who would do such a dastardly thing? Ah, that is what the food critic Maximillian Vandeveer must find out before all culinary hope is gone for another legendary meal.