The husband and wife team of Peter Schlagel and Ana Kinkaid bring an insightful expertise to their writing about the contemporary world of cuisine and wine.  Central to their work is an innovative expansion of the traditional definition of terroir.  The result is a new inclusive point of view that integrates culture and community with qualitative experience while also honoring both culinary history and creativity. 


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Ana Kinkaid brings twenty-five years of experience in the hospitality industry to her writing. As a world traveler, nothing delights her more than discovering an innovative restaurant or a unique ingredient.

Ana speaks at major culinary conferences, often linking past culinary traditions to current and future trends. Her areas of expertise include culinary history, ethnic foods, terroir, wines and cocktails as well as sustainable development within the food industry.  

Peter Schlagel enjoys sharing with readers a lifetime appreciation of great wines and fine spirits. With an extensive background in philosophy and science, Peter is highly skilled in the strategic corporate arena with a special interest in value based marketing as expressed through the expansion of terroir, both conceptually and culturally.  

His areas of expertise include the history and methodology of economics, international cuisine, world culture and literature, and philosophy of science. He is also passionate about creativity in chess and modern jazz.

Personal Favorites

L20 Entrance 1.jpg

Entrance to L2O, Chicago


 Corton's Kitchen, New York City

Siphon Bar 1.jpg

Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco