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It's The Life of Pi after Thanksgiving Pie

What does one do after a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner? Well, everyone on staff at Your Culinary World is going to see the just released movie hailed as the new Avatar - The Life of Pi.

Directed in 3D (and digital) by Ang Lee, who also created the visually stunning Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and thought provoking Brokeback Mountain, The Life of Pi has been hailed by early reviewers as a masterpiece.

Based on an award winning book by Yann Martel, the story superficially tells the tale a boy shipwrecked in a small rowboat with a tiger. But the story is about much much more than that. It is also a story about fear, division, courage and the power to understand the heart of Life itself - themes the author often seeks to write about.

Make time this holiday to see a movie you will long remember -it's one great present you can give yourself and your staff. No gift wrapping required!

Post Note, November 30, 2012: If by now you have seen The Life of Pi (which we hope you have as the film is truly amazing), why not celebrate a great movie with a piece of Tiger Cake in honor of Richard Parker himself.

(Just adjust the colors and you can also make a Zebra Cake - if you've seen the film...poor zebra).

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When Coffee Becomes Art

Many years ago, while in a small Italian cafe, I had a cup of coffee so delicious I had, like a tourist, to ask the name. With a smile, the waiter soon brought a small silver can to my table, enscribed with bold red lettering, labeled "Illy".

It has been my favorite coffee ever since. To my delight, this fine coffee is now enjoyed around the world. For you see, Illy has made enjoying a cup of coffee as memorable as this elegant ad aired in Hong Kong.

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